About us

Our team works in Mińsk Mazowiecki, and we chose the name FixBike24 to emphasize the self-repair of bicycles, which can be done around the clock. We are young, our team has many innovative ideas. One of them was the original design of a self-service bicycle repair station.

Fixbike24 self-service bicycle services are designed for cyclists using both city and private bikes. We would like to support all those who ride a bike on a daily basis or occasionally – people who change cars to bicycles and lovers of two wheels who build their fitness by bike and care for their well-being. For this purpose, we have created a project of self-service bicycle services that are intuitive to use and durable, and at the same time allow you to service any type of bicycle, and even prams and wheelchairs.

Self-service bicycle services as an element

of city infrastructure

Environmental protection, plans to uncork the city center, as well as the growing awareness of the important role that activity plays in our lives, make more and more people ride a bike, and the interest in this sport has increased even more in the time of the pandemic. In order to encourage people to cycle around the city (and not only), create the best possible conditions. The urban infrastructure must not be complete without functional, self-service bicycle services. Thanks to such stations, every cyclist can make repairs that enable further travel. Bicycle services are created near bicycle paths, parks or in the vicinity of public utility buildings, and their place is also under shopping centers, offices, workplaces and schools.

The best self-service bike services from Fixbike24

In order for self-service bicycle services to fulfill their function, they must be easy to use, and their functionality must enable the most common failures in bicycles. Fixbike24 stations, in addition to all the necessary tools (flat screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, flat wrenches, adjustable wrenches, hex keys in the most popular sizes and tire levers), offer cyclists a comfortable work station – a service hanger on which we can hang the bike so that we have the best access to those parts of the bicycle that require intervention by the cyclist. The undeniable advantage of our self-service bicycle services is also their resistance to adverse weather conditions and vandals

Our self-service bicycle services allow us to repair a bicycle in the event of its failure, as well as service the bicycle on an ongoing basis to reduce the risk of its occurrence. Some owners of two wheels give up having their own tools, because there is a service right next to the house that they can use for free around the clock. Self-service bicycle services and properly planned bicycle routes make cycling an attractive form of travel and recreation.

Cities, municipalities and companies invest in functional bicycle services. Do you want to join them? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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