Self-service bicycle repair stations

We offer functional bicycle repair stations for self-service repairs by cyclists. The stations are made of the highest quality materials and equipped with tools necessary to repair sudden bicycle faults. By creating self-service bicycle repair stations, we decided to combine functionality and practical aspects with a unique design that will blend in with the urban space. Self-service bicycle repair stations have been designed to help not only cyclists. The tools that the station is equipped with can also be used to repair a wheelchair or pram.

We create functional bicycle repair stations for urban space

Failure of a bicycle, wheelchair or pram can happen anywhere. Bearing in mind unexpected faults and complications that may result from them, we have created extremely practical self-service bicycle repair stations. We captured our idea in the name – Fixbike24 – i.e. a place where you will carry out repairs, regardless of the time of day.

Our company’s team consists of young, creative personalities with heads full of innovative ideas. One of the concepts we decided to implement was the project of self-service bicycle repair stations. Our product is perfectly suited to the urban space in which it is usually placed, and also meets the expectations of users.


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Najlepsze materiały

Failure does not choose – it usually happens when you least expect it. It would be difficult to take all the necessary tools with you on every bike trip or walk. That is why we have designed a bicycle repair station in which the user will remove the defect quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, self-service bike repair stations are available to everyone, free of charge.

Self-service stations are characterized by high durability to mechanical damage and weather conditions. We have included all the necessary tools necessary to perform the most common repairs. Each station is equipped with a practical service hanger on which you can place your bike and conveniently repair it. The service stand with tools is completed with a pump that can be placed next to it.

A bicycle repair station consists of a set of tools:

• Phillips screwdriver

• Slotted screwdriver

• Adjustable wrench

• 8/10 mm open-ended spanner

• 13/15 mm spanner

• 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm hex wrenches

• Tire collection buckets

The number of pumps and tools can be freely configured at the bicycle repair station. The Fixbike24 self-service repair station is available in various color variants


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